How to Feed Your Large Family on Less Than $30


Do you have a big family? Is the question. Or maybe you just want to learn how to save a little money because you realized that your food expense outweighs your entertainment expenses. If so, then preparing one meal to last you four days is a great strategy. As a family man, I do this little food trick myself. If you don’t know, I’m a dad with 7 children and a wife, and a simple beef stew recipe will last my family of nine for four days, even if we had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This simple beef stew will cost you less than $30. And for a family of nine, that’s amazing. So I though I would share this little recipe with you. Lets cut back on our food budget by cooking smarter.


Eat responsibly.


Jolly Rancher Pop-tarts?!?!


Do you guys like Pop-tarts? Personally I don’t really like them, although I have to admit that sometimes I will pick a box of unfrosted blueberry just because. Pop-tarts are becoming more known for their outrageous flavors, and honestly some of them are pretty darn accurate. I did lie about a line or so ago, because I just remembered that I actually do like the dunkin’ donuts vanilla latte Pop-tarts, they taste just like coffee. (Coffee lovers I suggest if you haven’t tried it, you should try it.) Anyway, apparently there is going to be three new limited edition flavors launched pretty soon and this time they’re trying out jolly rancher flavored pop-tarts. Some of your are probably like “eww why would anyone do that?” But that’s because you’re probably over 14 and don’t want to eat nothing but sugar. You have to think about this, Pop-tarts are marketed towards children, children like sweets. They’re making their money and they’re good at it. Really good at it. In all honesty I would give them a try, maybe. We’ll have to see. If you decide to try them out let me know, and if they’re bad help a brother out and tell me to stay away.


                                                                                       Eat responsibly.


Mocha Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mocha Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Food Network has got it going on. Mocha Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches. Every word of that sounds so delicious and to try and put that together? The mere thought of it makes me want to pass out from a food overload, and it hasn’t even reached my mouth yet. They call it the perfect handheld dessert. You bet your bottom dollar it is. You know I would really try to attempt to make this myself, but I don’t want to mess it up, you know. I mean you can’t have something like that and not have someone teach you how to make it before you make it. Take it from me, and I’m a professional, this needs step by step instructions, a helping hand, and a sacrifice to the gods to help you get this right if you’re planning on attempting this for the first time on your own. But you do you.


                                                                             Eat responsibly




Hey, so do you guys know rompers? I’m pretty sure you do, I mean how can you not? But let me just explain to you some things about rompers: they’re cute, super duper cute! They’re uncomfortable, especially between the legs, and you know ladies camel toe is not cute. Ever. They’re inconvenient. Most of them don’t have pockets, and if they do, they’re either not functional or not even a pocket. But that’s just for the ladies. But men do not fear for the RompHim is here. Now some of you may be wondering: “What the skippledoodle is a RompHim??”. Well let me explain: A RompHim is a romper, but for men. Its supposed to be designed to be cool, comfortable, and convenient. How about that? So the idea started on kickstarter, it was something four kids not even out of business school had created. I’m not trying to cramp their style or trying to drag them through the mud, I’m just mad that rompers for women aren’t designed like they did the romphim. I mean come on they have a zipper on the back pocket for extra security while we women barely get a pocket that’s not meant for show! But the good thing is that us ladies can get a good romper for $25-$30 but that new romphim is in the running for $119, so I guess that’s fair, just sayin’.

The Pepper Bra Solves Boob Problems


Two words: Boob problems. I know we all have them ladies. Whether you got big boobs or you got small boobs it’s literally always a struggle trying to find the right bra size. Well only today did I come across a kickstarter project that was called the pepper bra. Now you may have heard of it on some bigger blogs but this was brand new news to me, I had no idea this was going on. So apparently this “Pepper Bra” is supposed to give a natural lift to those of us who were not fortunate enough to be born with at least good sized breasteses. So I decided to take a trip to the website and boy these bras better be good. Now I don’t have anything bad to say about this bra just yet, but I can say is that  it’s expensive. Although it might not be. You might be confuzzled right about now, so let me talk you through this. I don’t have boobs. I’m an A cup so as may have already guessed, my bras aren’t very expensive, considering i can pick one up fro the kids section if i need to. The point is $50 dollars on a bra?!?! Is that normal? Someone please tell me because my bras never go above $25 dollars. So I’m gonna have to try it to see if it’s worth the price, that is whenever i’m willing to spend $50 dollars on a bra…..

p.s. If you did pre-order one, let me know how it is, I might be more willing to get one then lol


-Happy shopping!


Three Omelette Recipes So You Don’t Chuck Eggs at the Easter Bunny

You know how after thanksgiving, you’re probably eating turkey sandwiches until Christmas? Well, now it’s Easter so you’ve got like six cartons of eggs in the fridge and you gotta eat ’em all. What do you do? You make omelettes, that’s what! Since you’re going to be eating omelettes for the rest of your life, they might as well be some darn good omelettes so here’s three recipes that will hopefully keep you from chucking eggs at the Easter bunny.

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What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear


I know you have this problem too, don’t tell me that everyday you wake up you know exactly what you want to wear. And some of you are probably thinking: “Kilo, people are much more proactive than you and pick out their clothing the night before.” I KNOW!!, but what if you’re having a complete fashion crisis that night you’re picking out your clothes? What then? I literally dig out all of my drawers, clothing bins, my entire closet, and absolutely anywhere else I could possibly find some decent clothes to throw together and still i’m left in the middle of my bedroom floor, surrounded by clothes and probably holding a broken heel.  That sounds like a sad situation doesn’t it, don’t be like me. Take mamma Kilo’s advice and follow these helpful tips to help you find the perfect outfit for when you have absolutely nothing to wear.

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