Models: Too Skinny, Too Fat, Too Curvy

Models have always been controversial people. Think about it, up until now models have been know to be way too skinny, and now instead of getting better and learning that it’s not healthy to be that skinny we’ve somehow started moving backwards. Now models are too skinny, too fat, or too curvy.

Now before you warm up your fingers and cool them down to tear me down in the comments, hear me out. None of these things are healthy. Some of you are probably like “How can you be too curvy?” Well if you have to have ribs removed to get the shape you want then, I’m pretty sure there’s a problem. Your ribs are there for a reason and that’s to protect some of your most important organs. If you’re too fat well obviously that’s been a problem that only seems to be getting worse. Obesity rates are skyrocketing. It’s okay to have a little extra weight, nobody is going to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect but if your organs get surrounded by fat or if your arteries get clogged, you’re going to have some serious health problems on your hands. And as you know, being too skinny is a problem, not enough nutrients going into your body is going to cause you to shut down, possibly forever. I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying that you have to listen to anything I have to say, because you could have stopped reading this a while ago but you’re still here, and what I’m saying is, we shouldn’t be glorifying these extremes. It’s like romanticizing an illness, it’s exactly what it is actually. Younger children look up to models and it’s easy for them to be influenced by what they see and what they’re surrounded by. Models should be what they are: Models. They should be a representation of a healthy lifestyle, not one that leads down a road of starving, or overeating, or removing things that are needed in our bodies. I’m just sayin’.


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