Hey, so do you guys know rompers? I’m pretty sure you do, I mean how can you not? But let me just explain to you some things about rompers: they’re cute, super duper cute! They’re uncomfortable, especially between the legs, and you know ladies camel toe is not cute. Ever. They’re inconvenient. Most of them don’t have pockets, and if they do, they’re either not functional or not even a pocket. But that’s just for the ladies. But men do not fear for the RompHim is here. Now some of you may be wondering: “What the skippledoodle is a RompHim??”. Well let me explain: A RompHim is a romper, but for men. Its supposed to be designed to be cool, comfortable, and convenient. How about that? So the idea started on kickstarter, it was something four kids not even out of business school had created. I’m not trying to cramp their style or trying to drag them through the mud, I’m just mad that rompers for women aren’t designed like they did the romphim. I mean come on they have a zipper on the back pocket for extra security while we women barely get a pocket that’s not meant for show! But the good thing is that us ladies can get a good romper for $25-$30 but that new romphim is in the running for $119, so I guess that’s fair, just sayin’.

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