Jolly Rancher Pop-tarts?!?!


Do you guys like Pop-tarts? Personally I don’t really like them, although I have to admit that sometimes I will pick a box of unfrosted blueberry just because. Pop-tarts are becoming more known for their outrageous flavors, and honestly some of them are pretty darn accurate. I did lie about a line or so ago, because I just remembered that I actually do like the dunkin’ donuts vanilla latte Pop-tarts, they taste just like coffee. (Coffee lovers I suggest if you haven’t tried it, you should try it.) Anyway, apparently there is going to be three new limited edition flavors launched pretty soon and this time they’re trying out jolly rancher flavored pop-tarts. Some of your are probably like “eww why would anyone do that?” But that’s because you’re probably over 14 and don’t want to eat nothing but sugar. You have to think about this, Pop-tarts are marketed towards children, children like sweets. They’re making their money and they’re good at it. Really good at it. In all honesty I would give them a try, maybe. We’ll have to see. If you decide to try them out let me know, and if they’re bad help a brother out and tell me to stay away.


                                                                                       Eat responsibly.


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