Three Omelette Recipes So You Don’t Chuck Eggs at the Easter Bunny

You know how after thanksgiving, you’re probably eating turkey sandwiches until Christmas? Well, now it’s Easter so you’ve got like six cartons of eggs in the fridge and you gotta eat ’em all. What do you do? You make omelettes, that’s what! Since you’re going to be eating omelettes for the rest of your life, they might as well be some darn good omelettes so here’s three recipes that will hopefully keep you from chucking eggs at the Easter bunny.

Ham and Cheese Omelette Roll


Not exactly green eggs and ham, unless you add some food coloring I guess…. I know for me as an american, food being rolled up always eggcites me for some reason so maybe this will eggnite your eggcitement for eggs!

Recipe: Here

The Perfect French Omelette

french omlette

When I hear french things I get even more eggcited than when things are rolled. You know? Like french toast and french fries. Eating french is always a good thing, that’s a scientifically proven fact (probably).

Recipe: Here

Spinach and Bacon Omelette


Bacon makes everything 100% better, unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan that is. If you’re not feel free to add some bits of bacon to your breakfast!

Recipe: Here

Eat responsibly.


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