What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear


I know you have this problem too, don’t tell me that everyday you wake up you know exactly what you want to wear. And some of you are probably thinking: “Kilo, people are much more proactive than you and pick out their clothing the night before.” I KNOW!!, but what if you’re having a complete fashion crisis that night you’re picking out your clothes? What then? I literally dig out all of my drawers, clothing bins, my entire closet, and absolutely anywhere else I could possibly find some decent clothes to throw together and still i’m left in the middle of my bedroom floor, surrounded by clothes and probably holding a broken heel.  That sounds like a sad situation doesn’t it, don’t be like me. Take mamma Kilo’s advice and follow these helpful tips to help you find the perfect outfit for when you have absolutely nothing to wear.

#1 Choose the Right Colors


Now there are a lot of ways to choose the colors you want to wear. To start the first thing I like to do is try to eliminate the main color I wore yesterday. So let’s say that I wore a hot pink shirt with black jeans and pink heels, pink would be my main color, so I would want to switch it up today, you know, unless you really like the color pink…. The second thing I like to do is to look around for the first color to catch my eye. I would tell you to think about your favorite color but chances are you probably wear that color too much. (sorry not sorry). The color that catches your eye first should be the color of your top, if you don’t have that specific color, go for the closest color to it. To choose your bottoms, remember that they should have either a color palette effect or a color contrast effect. For example a color palette effect would be if you chose a tan or beige shirt, then your pants should be a darker version of that color such as brown. It should be as if you bought a nude makeup palette, the first color would be your top and the last color would be your bottoms. For the color contrast effect your top should contrast your bottoms so if you chose a pastel pink shirt, your bottoms should be black, or vice versa.


#2 How Are You Feeling?


What you feel is pretty much the most important thing when you’re trying to pick out an outfit. Sometimes you want to wallow in your feelings and wear all black (or be like me and wear it just because you can…) Or sometimes you want to show off how happy you are and wear super bright colors! It’s possible that you’re feeling a bit of both? Try mixing some pastels and blacks or go for a party kind of look and try neon and black! I think what I’m getting at here is that black is a magical color and everyone should wear it. Sometimes…


#3 Where Are You Going?


This is probably a good thing to consider when you pick out your outfit. I mean, if you’re just gonna hit up the grocery store for some TP then wear whatever you feel like, maybe going out with friends? Wear what you like! Going for a job interview? *screeeeeeeeeeeeeecchhhh* That’s where we have to pause and rewind, unfortunately. If you were planning on wearing a blow up marshmallow man costume, that probably wouldn’t work out unless you’re self employed. Or a mascot. Interviewers are usually looking for the stiffest outfit to ever exists. They want you to be so professional, you almost lose your individuality. You should probably look up the job you’re interviewing for if that doesn’t sound good to you. Moving on, Darker colors are usually best in the night time, especially when paired with something flashy, like statement jewelry. So going to a nightclub, you want the flashiness to be seen. Light clothing is best for the daytime, and accessories are usually light and simple.


Hopefully one of these tips dug you out of your fashion hole, or will be used to dig you out of a fashion hole in the future. Happy shopping!


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