Three Amazing Salads For Eating – If you’re into that kind of thing…

I’m not into clean eating during holidays, or clean eating at all really…..but that doesn’t mean I can’t add a few healthy options on the blog for you healthy peoples out there! I have to say I do actually have a favorite out of these three salad choices, which is crazy cause you’d probably think that if a vegetable even touched my lips, i’d fizzle out and die… one of these three salads, if not all, would be a great addition to your sunday dinner table. If nothing else…at least they’ll look nice




This salad looks like it belongs in a restaurant, props to Karina, cause this looks delicious. Shrimp, after lobster is my favorite seafood so putting it in a salad is probably the best way to trap me into eating a vegetable. You know, unless I eat around them…

Recipe: Here




This salad is the one I was talking about. The sunflowers seeds are what got me, I went to a restaurant and the waitress sprinkled the sunflower seeds into my salad ( It came with the meal) when it came to the table. It was so good, and really unexpected.

Recipe: Here


Mandarin Pomegranate Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing


This one I have to admit, got my attention. I love pomegranates and mandarins, so putting them together in a salad honestly sounds pretty interesting.

Recipe: Here


Eat responsibly.


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