Unique Spicy Chicken Wings for Dinner Tonight


Y’all know i like to give you foods that i have already tried, or that i’m going to try the exact day that i post the blog, because i want you guys to join me in trying these foods, so these three spicy chicken wings are a perfect example of that. I’m going to try to make one of these dishes tonight and if you do, let me know!



Chipotle Dry-Rub Chicken Wings

#1 chicken wings

This dish comes courtesy of pinterest, i have not tried these spicy wings yet but i will in the near future. This one looks delicious to me its not my first try but maybe my second.

Recipe: Here

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings


I’ve never tried spicy Thai chicken wings so this one will be exciting to me. I don’t know anyone who’s tried spicy Thai chicken wings, i didn’t even know they existed but this is definitely a must try for me!

Recipe: Here

Flaming Hot Cheetos Crusted Chicken Wings

#3 chicken wings

Here’s my dinner for tonight as you know, I’m not the healthiest person in the world so my dinners always consist of something fatty and I’m excited to make these tonight! This is also from pinterest i’ll let y’all know how they taste tomorrow.


Recipe: Here



Eat responsibly.


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