Four Comfy and Stylish Outfits for Your Trip to the Airport |

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So I’ve never been on a plane, or even to an airport, I’ll tell you that. But one thing I do know for sure is that its super boring and stressful and your probably not comfortable. I can’t do anything about you being bored and stressed (sorry) but I can make sure you are more comfortable with these four outfits! No longer will you look like a hot mess when you go to the airport! With these outfits you can cut the mess out of “hot mess” and still be super comfortable!

P.s. You can wear sneakers with all of them!

Hoodie and Sweats

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A Pair of joggers and a hoodie anyone? Doesn’t sound very stylish, but with the right kind its comfortable and it won’t look like you just rolled out of bed. If you don’t know mesh is in this season, so with the mesh sleeves on the hood, you’ll be in trend with no worries. Joggers are also in. So the mesh on the top and the “distressed” bottoms disguises the fact that you could basically be wearing sleep wear, plus if you get hot easily, there’s plenty of airflow!

Top: Here

Bottoms: Here

Shoes: Here

Tie Dye and Overalls


If you’e really into fashion just reading the header probably sounds like a train wreck and you’re just about ready to throw me out the window, but before you do that, hear me out: This is a pastel over-sized mesh T-shirt, which means maximum comfort also, since its pastel you can pair it with basically anything you want- which is why I chose these black overalls to go with it! There’s a great contrast between the colors making it look like you thought of this outfit two weeks ago, and not that you threw it together because you over slept and possibly could miss your flight….

Top: Here

Bottoms: Here

Shoes: Here

Jeans and a Hood


I know you’re probably thinking: “Really Kilo? Another hoodie!?” Look I can’t help it! I’m actually even wearing a hoodie while I write this, you have to admit they’re really comfortable. This hoodie is great because not only is it a hoodie, but it has a lace tie up on the top of it. Anytime I see some one wearing something that has ties on it, I always think it takes a lot of time and effort to lave it even though it comes already laced….The jeans though make it more classy than leggings which it a plus!

Top: Here

Bottoms: Here

Shoes: Here



If you saw some one wearing this you would assume they’re headed to a business meeting or something, but these aren’t as fancy as you think! Since its a one piece jumpsuit, its easy to get on and off, as long as you’re not in an emergency to get to the bathroom. Plus you don’t even have to wear heels with it. Just some simple low top sneakers will do the trick!

Jumpsuit: Here

Shoes: Here

Good luck with your next trip, I hope you can get there in style AND comfort!

Happy shopping!


Disclaimer: These photos are not mine, all rights go to the owners of I am in no way affiliated with or being endorsed by

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