My Must Have Beauty Products in March 2017

It’s the end of March hooray! That means its time for me to tell you my favorite beauty products, now there’s only two, and they’re not makeup, but they are definely helpful and worth  it!

cleaning a brush

This first product it’s a glove that helps you wash your makeup brushes. So if you already wash them by hand, this will make it much more helpful. The gloves have bristles on them, so when you rub the brush on it, it gets in between all of the little hairs and gets your brushes super duper clean! It is more on the expensive side but its completely worth it!


brush dryer

This is my second favorite product this month and I recommend getting it along with the product from above because these two go hand in hand. This is a drying station for your brushes, they hang upside down so that it is easier for the water to drain out of them. Usually I would dry my brushes with a towel, but that ruins them. It can pull out the hair and make it super frizzy, so you have to buy more quite often.

These are both at Nordstrom, and if you love makeup as much as I do I definitely would get this because its a huge time saver!

Brush Cleaning Glove: Here

Brush Drying Station: Here


Happy shopping!


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