Mansion in France C’est La Vie

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Do you want to live in France? Let me rephrase that. Do you want to live a luxury life in France? If so then this beautiful french mansion is for you! If I were to live in France, this is exactly how I would like to live, so lets explore this mansion shall we? I would say that in french……but I don’t know how to..

france house

Right now we’re looking at the beautiful outside of the mansion, well its more like a bunch of trees and you can barely see the mansion peaking through, if you we’re looking from the other side, but you get the idea, its beautiful you guys. All of that lush greenery. Can you imagine it in the fall?






This is one of the spectacular views right outside your mansion windows. A beautiful dock to explore, hows your boat that you must buy because you have a dock now. Talk about moving on up! Plus Check out this mini rain forest back here with your very own waterfall because if you have a waterfall you’ve freaking made! My aspiration: to have a waterfall and a freakin rain forest in the back of my house.


andther france


So this is your pool, I don’t know who these people are, but you can kick them out… but then you gotta hire a pool boy to clean the pool that they were sitting in. But lets try to look past them, look at the beautiful ginormous pool! welcome home, well it will be a welcome once you kick the strangers out…





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