Luxury Spa Day: Elements Spa In Palm Springs



unnamed (7)

While you’re reading this, this morning, I am on my way to this exact spa. Not that I could really afford it myself, but a friend of mine was so generous to invite me on her trip, this is not the first time I have visited this spa, a stupid ex-boyfriend who’s name shall not be mentioned on my blog, took me here for an anniversary gift a year ago. Since he is my ex the return is more bitter than sweet, but I plan to have as much fun as possible with a good girlfriend and I think if you have the chance you should visit it one day too! It’s a very relaxing and calm place when your enjoying it with the one you’re with.



Here is where your vacation begins now stop and take a breath of fresh air and lets enter serenity. I do have to mention that the spa is in a hotel so if you did wanna get a room, you can to further the experience of a vacation, moving on!



unnamed (6)

Welcome to your private massage room, whether you’re getting a massage with a friend or alone you will enjoy, here a tip: When going with a boyfriend try not to fall asleep and start snoring or drooling all over the place-that’s not attractive lol.


unnamed (7)


This is my paradise I hope that you can go with someone you are madly in love with because this view deserves that!








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