4 Unexpected Ways to Take Your Coffee


Starbucks Gift card

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I’m not trying to give you a toothache this morning, but maybe this would be so worth it, if you try some of my ways to take your coffee this morning I’ve tried all of them and I wanted to bring it to you and trust me when I say they’re delicious and you should give one of these a shot this morning whatever you can get your hands on.

starbuckscoffee and kitkat

This is the first one I’ve ever tried, and it’s my favorite, you hit the gas station get your kit-kat head over to Starbucks and get that coffee and you dip, its delish see what i did there.. anyone? no. I’ll see my self out then…



americanocoffee and monkey bread

This one’s sure to give you a toothache, its very sweet depending on the coffee that you get hazelnut is probably the sweetest. you gotta Dip. Eat. Sip.



starbucksmugcoffee and cookie

Same rules apply here i’m a tell you one more again YOU GOTTA DIP. EAT. SIP. This ones so good you wanna slap yo momma.


dount and dunkin

This is y’all favorite boys in blue treat. You seen em all crowded around, crowding up our dunkin’ donuts screwing up all the parking spaces tryin to get their dunkin coffee and glazed donut, but I gotta admit its pretty good when you can push past them and get it.


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