The Boyfriend Outfits

If you have a boyfriend you probably have stolen his shirts or sweaters, but it was just for your lazy day. Today We’re making a revolutionary change: THE BOYFRIEND SHIRT WILL NO LONGER BE FOR LAZY DAYS!!! We will work together and turn these shirts into stylish outfits and never give them back (like we were really gonna give em back anyway).



The Jordan


I call this outfit “The Jordan” because it looked like something this kid Jordan from the ready set would wear… But any who he wore this shirt and now were stealing it! it’s ours now!

Vest: Jean vest

Shirt: Stripes

Pants: Expensive. I’m sorry

Shoes: Converse high

Bracelet: Spikes

Glasses: clark kent


Cola Cola


This one is called “cola cola” for a reason but i’m not quite sure why…..If you happen to find a soda themed t-shirt in your boyfriends closet just put on some heels the same color as your top and you’re good to go!

Top: cola cola

Jeans: ripped

Shoes: Red hot




Plaid is definitely a boyfriend shirt, I have never met a guy who doesn’t own a plaid button down. This shirt just so happens to have a leather pocket on it so that you can pair it with your favorite pair of leather pants.

Shirt: plaid and leather

Pants: Leather, not plaid

Shoes: black and white


Button down

button down

A simple button down shirt that every boyfriend has or should have if they’ve ever gone to a special event just pair it with some fancy shirts and strappy heels and you’re magically a model!


Happy shopping!



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