Luxury New York Penthouse

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Looking for a place to stay in New York? Do you have 70,000,000 to blow on a home? Then this is the place for you! And when you do, just let me move in to one of the closets and I’ll be good! omg this penthouse is on FIFTH AVENUE and I scream as i say this, its my dream!

The Building


This is the building from the outside, I don’t know which one it is, but its probably one of them I’m sure of that! The greenery is so bright and beautiful and I’m almost positive that it looks beautiful in the winter time!


Living Room

living room

This is the living room, just looking at this picture your wallet is on fire, so unless you have 70,000,000 million dollars in your bank account, I suggest you avert your eyes!



This bedroom is huge! All you need is pinterest to help you decorate it, but since you’re clearly rich, you can probably afford an interior designer.


Here’s your dream bathroom, what i wouldn’t give to live like this but i’m not living like this on these prices!


Here’s a view of fifth avenue….that’s what it looks like. It must look beautiful at night!


Let’s explore!



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