Exploring Sub-Cultures: Goth vs. Harajuku

goth vs harajuku picture

I’m almost positive you’ve heard of “goth”, you know that mysterious and dark style, but have you heard of “Harajuku” style? Harajuku is actually a place in Tokyo, Japan, but the styles there are vibrant and popular that it is known more as a style than an actual place! These styles are almost the complete opposite of each other, but they are both unique and completely creative. 


Harajuku Style

Harajuku Style

Harajuku is mostly composed of vibrant neon and pastel colors and lots of accessories, unfortunately i couldn’t fit them all on the amount of space given but that doesn’t mean i cant give you a completely fantabulous outfit!

Sweater: Cute sweater

Skirt:Tutu Skirt

Thigh-highs: Stripes

Shoes: Ruffles

Choker: It’s Pink

Wig: Two Colors


Gothic Style

Goth Style

Although I would really like to wear brighter colors outside of my hair, I always tend to wear more black than I realize, but if you like to intentionally wear black then i got you covered on that too!

Top: Corset?

Skirt: A tutu

Thigh-highs: Bows!

Shoes: So Shiny

Choker: It’s Black!

Wig: Bangs


Happy shopping!



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