Top 5 Trending Songs Of 2017


Our number one top trending song is Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. Ed Sheeran is everywhere right now. Doing interviews, he’s on the breakfast club, making awesome music, and doing more interviews! He is simply the man of 2017, and we all love this dude’s music!

Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You


Number two has got to be our man Bruno, with his song That’s What I like (24KMAGIC). When this song comes on, you just gotta dance because of the beat. It’s an awesome party song to jam too!

Bruno Mars 24KMAGIC


Number 3 is our girl Katy. Katy Perry is an amazing artist with her song Chained To The Rhythm ft. Skip Marley. She’s got the beat, the melody, the lyrics, making us all chained to the rhythm. When this song comes on, we all turn up the music and get up to dance!

Katy Perry Chained To The Rhythm


Number 4 is Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. That song is a hit, and like I said before this chill dude is our man of 2017, with all the greatest hits and beat. Go to Ed Sheeran for music!

Ed Sheeran Perfect

And finally last spot, I gotta give it to our dude Rick Ross, with his recent rap dong “Trap Trap Trap” featuring Young Thug and Wale. We all know Wale had also recently released a song with Rap Monster, a Korean rapper as well. Rick Ross is the man for rap music, and we all love him!

Rick Ross Trap Trap Trap

Press Play


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