St.Lucia Regency La Toc Trip Resort


Aaah yes! The beautiful St. Lucia Regency La Toc Resort! A nice place to take a lovely vacation! Get ready to go to absolute paradise where you can try many activities and spend a relaxing time in luxurious room!


Driving up to the beautiful Sandals St. Lucia Resort Regency La Toc. Everything is so well decorated. You are in for an amazing trip at this great regency La Toc. The plants and grass are fresh and green, and nicely cut! The different colorful flowers are beautiful and lets you know you’re about the have a nice relaxing time in paradise!


Walk into the beautiful lobby of this amazing resort. Where you can get a room, and wait or just relax sitting on the beautiful soft couches. It’s like an amazing home, not so grand and golden, but nice cozy warm colors. There are also the flowers there to give it the paradise touch everyone loves. And notice the nice brown table and chairs with the chess board on it, where you can play a game of chess for all you chess lovers out there!


This is the beautiful main pool. The nice big rocks  on the side are actually a waterfall, with the beautiful green leaves on the side. Stairs are always perfect on the side of a pool, it makes it so much easier to get in and out. Definitely better than a slippery ladder! You can also just lay on the side lounging in a chair, under an umbrella. You can also see the lights for the night. The night it a great time to go to the pool. The moonlight, and stars make the water look great! The building you see on the left is where all the rooms are. Each room allows you to see the great water scenery outside of it.


Here’s what a room looks like from the inside. The lighting and colors, the beautiful couches and chairs are just stunning! Beautiful decor! I love how this room gives you a cozy feeling with a grand paradise touch to it. The couch pillows are beautiful, and nicely placed, while the candles and flowers give the room a great vibe and feeling to it!


Yes! There is a pool right outside of your room as well! Seating and a table outside too! Right on the side of the pool, you can see a nice hot tub! Perfection! You and your partner can either hang out in the the pool, or the hot tub, your choice, because it amazingly provides both! The plants right beside the hot tub still gives you the paradise touch you want to make it much more romantic. The lighting reflecting from the water also gives it a romantic touch, and enjoy the scenery as you and your partner are sitting at the lovely table outside, and getting ready to take a dip in the pool!


Here it is, the nice big beautiful bathroom. And yes, you are seeing correctly, there is no door! Maybe to some that is weird, but to others it is perfect! This bathroom has two identical mirrors and sinks. You can see, this also provides a hair dryer, soap, towels, lotions, and more! You can also see the lovely white flower set for decoration, which makes this bathroom even more amazing.


When you wake up the next morning, how about you go get some delicious breakfast! Sushi is served while overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. They say, Soy Sushi serves the best, freshest sushi. There is also a Soy Sushi bar you can go take a seat at, and enjoy the lovely food. If you’re not really fond of sushi, they say the French Cuisine is as amazing as the ocean views, and that’s saying something!


Go to the spa room, and have a nice soothing and relaxing massage! I don’t know about you, but as long as I have a spa, and an area you can get a great message at, I’m good, and that’s what I call paradise! Which is exactly what this is! This spa offers a variety of facials that restore, revitalize, and smooth out your skin. Perfect, right? You can even get a couples massage, where you and your partner can enjoy the relaxing sensation together. You can also enjoy the healing properties of hot and cold plunge pools at the Red Lane spa offers.


Spend some time golfing! If you’re a golfing fan, this is for you! A great wide open space for you to spend a great time golfing, and even meet a few new people! Play a few rounds with your friends, family, or your partner! This golfing area allows you a wide open space of neatly cut grass, and beautiful thick green trees a stunning scenery! Enjoy 9 holes of Par 33 at Sandals golf club. A nice wide green land is a golfer’s dream!


Not much of a golfing fan? Then how about you take a walk through the beautiful gardens of Sandals Regency! Nature is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re spending time at a beautiful resort like this one. This garden has various colors, and different flowers. Tall palm trees, and path for you to take a walk. You can walk with your partner and enjoy the beautiful scenery chatting, a great bonding activity for your relationship. Or, you can walk by alone, taking the time to think to yourself, it’s a very calming place to take in and enjoy!

Let’s explore!




St. Lucia’s Regency La Toc Tour


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