Eating up Culture: Welcome to St. Lucia


Welcome to the beautiful island of st. Lucia in the Caribbean. This is my home, where I was raised, where my family currently live: mother, brothers, sister, nephew etc. I thought I’d make this post because I’m homesick and when I saw these pictures it make me miss home even more, craving that amazing island food.

Fly Fish and Green Banana


This is one of my top meals and because I couldn’t find any pics of it being made properly, I’m going to walk you through this. Step one: take your green banana and cut off each end, take the banana itself and put a slight nick down the middle, being careful not to cut the banana in half. You take the banana and place it into the boiling water, add whatever spices you like: peppers, onion etc. This will be your broth. Step 2: Now your adding your fish. Make sure to cut the head and the tail off, if you prefer and slice the fish down the middle Step 3: Now place it on top of the banana and let it cook, this would be a steaming process for the fish.



This is the one my wife is harassing me for, she wants me to make it but I told her its too much work and there’s an argument that she’s not  worth my time, I told her its not true, and I promised to make it in the future. You can find it in the states, It’s at your favorite local island restaurant.

Fish Cakes

crab cake

This meal my mother would make specifically on good Friday, no beef on this day. We would have this right after church, good Friday was the one day we had to be nice to each other so I couldn’t beat my four brothers to a pulp. You can find this here in the states, but nobody’s gonna make this like my momma used to.


Coconut Bread


This is a dessert, recently my mother sent some up here to the states and we all gathered at my uncles house to grab a piece. My kids haven’t stopped talking about it since! Love you momma!


Eat responsibly.


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