Three Weird Ways You Can Eat Your Eggs

ketchup egg

In my house this morning. This was a geat debate. let me yell you, there was a huge argument in my kitchen. Everyone screaming, ketchup on your eggs, syrup on your eggs, or hot sauce on your eggs. For me, I’m more of a hot sauce man. Some of of my kids, love syrup, and/or ketchup. While we had this argument, it got me thinking about my post today. And how you would like your eggs. Are you a more savory with ketchup, sweet syrup, or spicy egg? Or are you a little daring and like a little all of the above? Now you may think that this is a gross meal, but I promise you if you go out into the world today, ask your co-worker how they like their eggs. Ask your mama, sister, brother and I guarantee you that they used one of these condiments, or at least would try them. So I’m asking you again, which one are you? A little off topic, but I want to give a quick shout out to everyone who made our first week as Charlie Black a memorable one.


Alright this one’s for my sweeties, are you a sweetie like a few of my daughters? Then I’m sure your eggs will be floating in syrup. Not swimming, I said floating. But to wash it down many little sweeties use milk, or sometimes water, because apparently at the end of these syrupy eggs, it packs a punch!


This is all me. My go to meal. You can put hash-browns, throw some spicy Kielbasa sausage with it, and clear that bathroom, cause I’m going in, someone just hand me a candle.


Eat responsibly.


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