Five Star Tokyo Hotel


This is Metropolitan in Tokyo its a five star hotel is my dream vacation spot when you arrive this is the view of the hotel outside. Its super modern I think its super chic, I can’t afford it now but one day I will visit this exact same hotel, its of goal of mine!



This is the lobby its very grand i love all the gold the decor is amazing and i am obsessed.




Out the windows you see the amazing city view. Its kinda like if you were in a penthouse swuit in New York city at 10 at night. The city is lit up beautifully by the buildings.





When you enter your room, depending on what you pick, there is a king sized bed and a huge window I would never leave! well maybe get something to eat…


When your done unpacking and maybe chilling out on your bed, taking Instagram picks maybe snapchats, its time to get something at the hotel restaurant where they can serve you the finest sushi ever yum!


Before climbing back into that massive bed, how about soaking in a huge tub?


Next morning its time to work off all of that sushi you shoved all down your mouth at the hotel gym.

Let’s explore!



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