Best Spring Nail Trends of 2017 | lieve91

Its here! It’s officially here! Today is the first day of spring, so I can finally post about the newest spring trends because I totally haven’t been doing that for the last few days …*ahem* but anyway today is nails! Maybe you were thinking of getting your nails done today? Here are some ideas to get that perfect spring look! With some designs from The lovely lieve91 on Instagram and Facebook, your nails will be the epitome of spring itself!


Of course when you think of spring, you think soft pinks, yellows, and blues, so this should be the perfect place to start. These nails are soft and bright, the perfect combo for spring, and are not too flashy for those of you who would rather stay lowkey with your spring fever.


Flowers! I love flowers so much but unfortunately i have a bad allergy, so no flowers for me But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have this pretty design on my nails! Whether you’re wearing a light or dark outfit, these nails will go perfectly with it and make you feel like a spring princess too!


Water color. Who doesn’t like water color? The vibrant abstract colors paired with the monochrome stripes make these nails super stylish and spring ready!



Water colors are the best, i’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, but with a solid black, the vibrancy just pops even more! Not to mention the designs over the colors, that takes some major talent and a steady hand.



Speaking on colors, this color block pattern is the best! You might know color block is definitely in trend right now, from Milani’s new lipsticks, How about pairing these nails, with your two favorite color block lipsticks, hmm?

Don’t forget to head over to lieve91’s Facebook and Instagram. Plus if your looking for nail polish or nail care supplies check out Nailissimo’s Shopify!


Happy shopping!


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