Street Fashion Around the World: India and Japan | Get the Look



Do you feel like trying something new? Maybe adding a new style to your wardrobe? It’s time to take a trip to the nearest clothing store 6,000 miles away! Today we’re headed to Japan and India to get some of the latest trends in street fashion. From what I’ve seen over sized, long clothing is in, but its kind of hard to find in the US, even online, But i did my best to provide you with the most stylish looks straight outta vogue! (I’m not even kidding, these looks are from vogue’s fashion weeks from around the world.)



japanese fashion

I really tried my hardest trying to find this flannel that she has on, but the closest thing i could find was this flannel dress from forever 21. But on the plus side it definitely won’t rip on the bottom if you’re not wearing platform shoes!

Flannel Dress




Platform Shoes




indian street fashion

The cardigan in the outfit was definitely a tough one to find, and I’m not sure if its the correct print, it looks pretty close to me. The button down she has on is also a dress but shhhh nobody has to know that. (@_@)

Red Cardigan

Blue Jeans

Button down Dress

Leather Backpack

White Vans


Happy Shopping!


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