Best Milani Lipsticks and Lip Treatments


Unless you’re on the east coast the weather is getting warmer, so right about now your probably on the hunt for the best lip treatment for your dry, chapped winter lips, and maybe a pop of color to go with that outfit you’ve been waiting all winter to wear. Well hunt no longer cause  Milani’s got what you need! Milani covers every thing you could possibly need from lip scrubs, color, and color remover!


Lip Scrubs and Color Remover

scrub an dcolor remover

Before you even thing about putting any color on your lips, you gotta make sure them things are smooth as a baby’s butt. These lips products come in a Lip Rehab Kit, or you can buy them each separately, depending on what you need.

Color Block Lipsticks

color block lipstick

These color block lipsticks were inspired by the latest fashion week trend, each Color Block Lip Kit comes with 2 color block lipsticks!


Amore Matte Lip Creme

So maybe you’re like me and and prefer matte lipsticks. Milani matte lipstick goes on smooth, dries clean, and stays on all day, Plus they smell great!


Happy shopping!



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